Online Shopping Security

We take all security issues very seriously. We understand that security is a major concern to some customers and therefore implement security systems that provide security to the latest industry standards.


We are confident that credit card information entered on this site will not be accessed by any unauthorised person or company. Our secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption uses 128-bit encryption: the highest level possible.


As customers enter our checkout process, all browsers go into secure mode. Secure mode is indicated by the appearance of a locked padlock icon at the bottom of the browser screen.


Customer credit card details are not held on the Internet. Once a payment is validated and approved, credit card details are deleted. As a result, customers are required to re-enter credit card details each time an order is placed online with us. Although inconvenient, this ensures maximum security for ordering online at Pickfords.


In addition, once customer order details are transferred to our sales order management system, all customer details are removed from our web site.


Our sales order management system and internal network is protected by the latest proxy technology.